Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

This weekend I had the pleasure of exploring the 30th Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival - a free weekend-long festival on September 5-7th at the Harbourfront Centre (as I'm posting this, it's still on, so check it out if you're in the area!).  The Festival happens every year at the beginning of September.  This was my second time going, and it is definitely worth going to!

This Festival does a great job of sharing the amazing food options available for those on a vegan diet!  There are over 100 booths, almost all of which are exclusively vegan!  Most booths specialize in vegan food products, but there are also booths for vegan clothing, skin care products, and other natural healthcare products and services.  In addition, there are a number of events interspersed through the weekend including presentations, cooking demonstrations, movie screenings, and panel discussions.

One of my favourite parts about the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival is getting to sample so many delicious vegan foods!  There were numerous yummy options, but some of my personal favourites were some amazingly flavourful new hummuses from Sunflower Kitchen's new line - Hummus+, several awesome flavours of roasted soy and chickpea nuts from The Bean Ladies, really delicious So Delicious coconut ice cream, and some tasty raw vegan cheese and crackers from Rawfoodz + Nud Fud, and vegan cream cheeses from Buchie and Sash!  I also got some ideas for new recipes, which I hope to try out at some point in the coming days!

The beginning of the Festival - participants setting up their booths.

Food stalls bustling with people!

Event attendees hanging out on the lawn in front of the stage, and checking out the different booths outside the Harbourfront Centre.


  1. What a fun weekend filled with loads of vegan deliciousness! I saw a bunch of photos of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival lately and they look all delicious! I would like to try that raw vegan cheeses you mentioned, what are they called?

    1. It was so amazing! I'm so glad that there is an opportunity in Toronto to share some of the amazing vegan foods that are out there! I had been away at the time of posting this, but I just updated it to share the name of the vegan cheeses! Have a great week. :)